Personal Insurance

While we can’t control the bad things that happen to us in life - we can prepare for them.

Personal insurance gives you peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones will have the financial resources needed during tough times.

It’s also beneficial to have a range of insurance products in place - as they protect you for different scenarios.

I can help you select the right balance of personal insurance to ensure you have the cover best suited to your situation.

Here’s a short summary of the personal insurance products we can discuss

Income and Mortgage Protection - Could your family get by if you were unable to work for an extended period of time? Income and mortgage protection covers your mortgage payments, and pays out a percentage of your regular income while you’re not working.

Trauma Insurance - Are you covered if you survive a life threatening event? Trauma insurance provides financial cover through a time of trauma whether you’re still working or not. This insurance covers a range of occurrences including: heart attack, stroke, cancer, and almost 40 other events.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance - Have you considered what would happen if you ever became permanently disabled? This insurance covers you financially in the event of permanent disability caused by accident or illness. It's also designed to assist you if you’re unable to return to work because of your disability.

Life Insurance - If you passed away, would your loved ones be able to cope financially? In the event of your death, life insurance provides financial cover for those you leave behind.

Health Insurance - Tired of waiting months for public health care? Health insurance helps cover private treatments, meaning you can get the health care you need, when you need it. Fast treatment also means you have the best chance of recovering quickly, and get back to enjoying life sooner.

“ My husband and I have arranged all our health, life, trauma, income and mortgage protection insurances through Phil Robinson. During all our decision-making Phil explained complex scenarios to us in very simple terms, and was exceptionally helpful to us throughout this process.

We have since gone through a trauma claim with one of the insurers. I would not have considered the possibility of a trauma claim, if it were not for Phil’s suggestion. After completing all the paperwork, and a huge amount of work by Phil behind the scenes, we were successful in our claim and received a substantial payout – one that I did not think was at all possible. This is testament to the hard work and dedication of Phil, who goes the extra mile for his clients.

- Stephanie Wilmoth.


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