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I help people understand and choose insurance with confidence, so families and businesses are better protected when the unexpected hits

Are you looking to provide financial protection for your business or family? If so, it is important to choose the right insurance options for your personal circumstances.

We specialise in Personal Insurance which provides cover for individuals, families, and business owners. Personal Insurance is about providing cover for you to ensure your livelihood is protected against the unexpected. We can also help connect you with the best option for all General insurance enquires. General Insurance provides cover for the material things you own.

The insurance industry is full of complicated policies and numerous providers to choose from.

With so much to consider, it's beneficial to seek advice from someone who can narrow down the options based on what could be best for your circumstances, and explain your options in a meaningful way.

This is where I come in...

As an insurance adviser, it's my job to give you the right advice, so you can get exactly what you need.

Being more informed means you’re in the best position to select the ideal protection for your family or business.

My Insurance Credentials:

  • I’ve worked in the insurance industry for over 11 years, helping countless clients better understand, and get the most out of their insurance policies.
  • In the first 4 years of my insurance career I had the benefit of being personally mentored and coached by some of New Zealand's most highly experienced insurance advisers and coaches, supercharging my expertise in getting the best results for clients.
  • Each year since 2016 I have been awarded in the top 3 places for Insurance Adviser of the year by NZ Financial Services Group. 
  • I often work with other professionals such as mortgage brokers, accountants, investment advisers and lawyers, in order to give my clients a holistic service.

“ Phil used plain language explanations (not insurance jargon) to help me understand how my insurance worked and what I was paying for. ”

Elizabeth Newman, Registered Property Valuer


Personal Assistant/Administrator

I pride myself on providing strong customer service for all our clients. The accurate delivery of all the administration and office functions is driven by our Administrator, Gemma. As a key member of our team she prides herself on her ability to work under pressure in a highly organised and efficient manner.

The communication between insurance companies and our clients usually passes through our wonderful administrator. For smaller claims, she is available as your main connection point, to ensure that all paperwork is handled quickly and efficiently for you.

Contact her on 09 320 3819 or email her

“ A friend of mine with an insurance background told me advisers never work as hard as you did on the behalf of their clients and we were very lucky to have you on our side.

Tarryn & Nathan Barthow

Learn More About Your Insurance Options

Business Insurance


  • Business Continuation Cover
  • Key Person Cover
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Debt Cover
  • ACC

Personal Insurance


  • Life Cover
  • Income And Mortgage Protection
  • Trauma
  • Total And Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Health

7 Reasons To Seek Advice From Phil Robinson Insurance

  • Range of Options - Did you know most banks deal with just one insurance provider? I can give you access to a range of different providers. This enables us to select the best insurance products for your personal situation.
  • Make Better Informed Decisions - Once you have access to more providers, it's important to select the right policies. I can help you choose the appropriate cover by considering not just price, but factors such as product benefits, features and policy wording.
  • More Likely To Pay Out - Did you know insurance companies are more likely to pay out when there’s an insurance adviser involved? This is because we know the industry, we have scale, and we know how to navigate the claims process thoroughly.
  • Greater Awareness - Over the years I’ve helped clients make claims they had no idea they were eligible for. For example, a client of mine once tried to claim on her health insurance. The doctor saw no need, but when I explored the facts I established that she qualified for a trauma claim. She quickly received the claim not long after.
  • Keep Up To Date - Insurance providers are always making policy changes and introducing new products. I constantly have my finger on the pulse, and can immediately inform you of any new products or changes in the industry that could affect you.
  • Avoid Hidden Costs Online - If you’ve thought about buying insurance online, beware. Online insurance can sometimes appear cheaper to attract uninformed buyers. Without proper guidance you’re more likely to get stung by poor policy wording that could cost you in the long run, and a lack of real support at claims time - when you need it most.
  • Get the Cover You Deserve - Have you ever had a loading or exclusion added to your policy? Or worse, cover declined? It sometimes happens, even when it shouldn’t. Over the years I’ve used my policy knowledge, my close relationships with the insurance companies, and my negotiation skills to get the cover my clients deserve. Even when banks or other providers have previously declined them.

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“ We never felt like we were being 'sold' to. Can't recommend Phil highly enough.

Christine Petty, Grafix Wall Art